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Optional service:
Interior deep delux-interior deep clean,shampoo of seats,carpets,all fabric as well as cleaning the leather (£85)- 2 hrs
Engine bay detail (additional £25) - 1hr
For Convertible vehicles-soft top deep cleaning+protection (additional £75)- 2hrs
Up to 3 month carnauba wax (additional £40) 1 hrs
Up to 6 month paint sealant,water beading,grime protection (additioanal £60) -2 hrs
Up to 12 month  paint protection,water beading (wax or paint sealant-additional £80) -2 hrs
Clay Bar (additional £50 , Removes contaminants,pollutants of your cars paint,glass,microfiber,leaving it smooth and revived) 1-2 hrs
All interior Leather seat cleaning +conditioning - (additional £40) - 1 hr
Interior valet- £40 -  1-1.5 hrs ( if vehicle is in very bad condition there will be additional charge for time spent cleaning the vehicle.
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