Paint Enhancement



      Throughout the length of ownership it is likely that your vehicle will have picked up swirl marks, holograms, fine scratches and various other imperfections through washing and usage. As a result of these the paintwork is left looking dull and hazy.       Although cleansing and waxing will clean and protect, the ultimate gloss, clarity and protection will be compromised if the paintwork is damaged.

     The paint enhancement detail includes a single stage machine polish that will make a huge improvement to the gloss, clarity and ‘depth’ of finish as well as reducing the appearance of swirl marks and washing / drying inflicted marring. Long lasting protection is then applied to every surface, ensuring that future maintenance is easier, and the vehicle looks better for longer.


      What's Included?



  • PH neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell.

  • Wheels cleaned with suitable, safe products to dissolve brake dust and road grime.

  • Tyre's & arches cleaned and degreased.

  • Vehicle washed using two bucket method with PH neutral shampoo.

  • Tar spots removed.

  • Iron fallout and other metallic fallout removed with specialist product.

  • Paintwork clay barred to remove bonded contaminants such as iron, industrial fallout etc.

  • Dried using plush microfibre drying towels.

  • Single (stage1) machine polish to paintwork to minimise swirl marks and other minor defects. Gloss, clarity and depth of paintwork will be enhanced.

  • High quality carnauba wax applied offering up to 6 months protection and finish enchancement.

  • Paintwork wiped down and final vehicle inspection carried out with the client.


Small - £195

Medium - £240

Large - £270

Other paint corection services available by request.

    Price on inspection

If car needed any extra valet on top of the paint enchncement  please choose option,go to valeting section.